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Are you looking for an unforgettable vacation to share with your loved ones? Then Primosten is an ideal destination for your friends or family. The Primosten destination is most interesting for those looking for a quiet place to rest. At the same time, it abounds in tourist activities and beautiful sights. Primosten is also known for its beautiful architecture and crystal clear sea, but how to achieve a spectacular experience to remember? One of the most interesting activities during your vacation is revealed to you by Primosten Apartments!

Our Lady Of Loreto Monument

An interesting place to visit in Primosten is the statue of Our Lady of Loreto, the patron saint of Primosten. Built in 2017, it is located on the hill Gaj between the peninsula and Marina Kremik, and in addition to the statue, this hill has a fabulous view of Primosten. The inhabitants of Primosten are deeply connected with Our Lady of Loreto and worship her as their heavenly patroness. The sculpture of Our Lady of Loreto has been included in a major tourism project called the ‘Route of Loreto Pilgrimages’.

Photo: Josip Jadrijević

The painting on the tree of Our Lady of Loreto shows the face of Our Lady in the middle and the Child Jesus, and around Our Lady are angels. The wooden chest in which the painting was delivered is still kept today. Numerous citizens of Primosten have invested their family gold and silver to make a gold and silver frame that serves as protection.

Primosten Apartments are located near the bike and walking path to the statue of Our Lady of Loreto and are an ideal way to discover the sights of Primosten. The trail itself is defined as easy, which is why you can exclude effort from expectations. You will achieve unforgettable memories in just two hours, 4.4 km to be exact, as long as the trail itself. During the discovery of the trail by bike, you will come across various , such as the bridge that connects the village on the island with the mainland and the Parish Church of St. George.

Photo: Ivan Pancirov

Primosten Apartments have prepared for you many other activities with which you can spend an unforgettable vacation with loved ones. Located in the heart of Primosten, you can carry out all activities not far from your accommodation in Primosten Apartments! You can book your accommodation now by calling +385 91 897 2738 or via e-mail address

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